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Superlike: it's super affection

Tinder Superlikes are so effective I'm surprised they are not restricted by the Geneva convention.

It's not a secret that I swear by Tinder's Superlike system. It has given me better results than anything else I've tried, and for a minuscule cost too. My Tinder Premium subscription costs five bucks per month, and if it was 5x higher than that, I would still use it: it gives me 5 Superlikes for free every day.

The best point about the Superlikes is that they are rapid. Normal matching process involves a girl swiping through dozens of guys' cards, getting a match as she swipes right almost every time, until she stumbles upon my card. Here I have to compete against other people on the platform, hoping that there's something that distinguishes me from the crowd sufficiently well for her to swipe right on me.

Not so much with Superlikes. Superliked woman gets a notification on her phone, informing her about my super-affection. She can tap it and see my profile directly. This often allows me:

1) to get a match within a couple of minutes after seeing her profile, and

2) to sidestep the whole "police lineup" of guys and get judged solely on my own profile's strengths.

When I discuss it with my friends who use Tinder, I often get the same reaction: "But getting Superliked is a turn-off for a woman!". They are concerned about appearing over-eager or sending a wrong signal. It's true that on some dating platforms there's an ability to pay for a digital gift for a potential match (Singapore's Paktor comes to mind), which signals interest and wealth, and appeals to gift-loving people. Tinder's Superlike system, however, is different in that it's not really a gift (there's nothing being transferred to my match) and it's not really a signal of wealth either (every user gets a free daily Superlike, premium users just get more of them). With that said, some girls indeed ask "Why did you Superlike me?" when we meet and get to know each other. In all of those cases, simply telling her "Because I think you're super pretty" have been enough to satisfy her curiosity, and it never became an issue.

With Superlikes, my typical swiping algorithm looks like this: See a profile: Is she attractive to me? Not attractive - swipe left. Some attractive features - swipe right. Quite attractive - here I pull up her bio to see if she's available to meet. Is she nearby? Does she have a boyfriend? If it looks like there's any chance we'd hook up, I Superlike her. One exception to this occurs when there's an Instagram name in her bio. Instead of Superliking the profile, I like it and text her directly on Instagram. When there's an attractive girl and I don't have any Superlikes left, I send her profile to myself using Tinder's "Share profile" feature and wait until next day.

All in all, after purchasing Tinder premium account, I went from having 0 sexual partners a year, to 20+. This seems like a good trade-off to me.


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