About me

Hi! I'm Loweren, 26 year old man, coming from Russia. For the majority of my life, I struggled with dating and romance. I was 20 when I had my first kiss and lost my virginity, and I didn't get a girlfriend until I was 24. My science life, however, was surging up: I finished my degree in Biology with honors and started working on my PhD in France. In my free time, I'm occupied with gaming, reading, photography, playing board games and watching anime. I dislike alcohol and never use drugs. 

After moving to France, initially I didn't get any luck with dating at all. It took me a while until I learned the ins and outs of online dating using my analytical skills. Nowadays, I usually have 2 new sex partners each month. I enjoy the casual sex lifestyle much more than having a steady partner. If you told me this five years ago, I would think you were joking. Never in my life I imagined I would get to this point. And here I am.

Now, I feel an obligation to help my peers who struggle the same way I did. Online, I see a lot of advice geared to typical men, but almost none applicable to nerdy, shy, introverted men like me. I feel like it's possible to enjoy casual sex without sacrificing your sense of self and becoming someone else. I didn't become a different person. I just found a winning strategy.


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